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Steel travels stainless in Steelex Packaging


Moisture is the enemy of steel. But not when properly wrapped in Steelex® Packaging.

For decades, we deliver steel packaging material to the steel industry. Metal or steel needs to be wrapped in specific protecting packaging before transportation.

Steelex® is simple and yet highly sophisticated. Moisture is absorbed by Steelex®.

So condensation is captured before it can ignite corrosion. On top of that, each unwanted sparkle of corrosion is choked by VCI, expelled from the inner surface of our packaging.

Many metals, many Steelex® solutions.

Steelex is manufactured by Walki Meuwissen B.V.
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Walki Group buys Meuwissen and strengthens its leading position in multi-layer laminates

Walki Group, a leading producer of technical laminates and protective packaging materials, announced the completion of the acquisition of Meuwissen Industrie B.V., a producer of flexible packaging materials, and Meuwissen Bouwprodukten B.V., a specialist distributor of building and construction materials. Both businesses are located in The Netherlands, employing 65 persons in total, with net sales of 21 million Euros in 2010.

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